Homestead Tax Relief - Chester County, PA

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Homeowners may not realize that they can avail themselves of annual tax savings, through the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Program.  The Homeowner Tax Relief Act, Act 72 of 2004, was signed into law by Governor Rendell on July 5, 2004, to allow school districts to reduce property taxes by lowering your property tax bill; the legal term for this is a “homestead or farmstead exclusion.”

What many homeowners don't know is, that when you buy a property in Chester County, PA, even if the current seller was getting that tax savings, it is not automatically transferred to the buyer.  The buyer has to fill out a form and send it in, to get those tax savings. 

This link has all the FAQs regarding this program.  

The Form and Instructions Here 

Get more info on Chester County Tax Assessment and appeals here.   Call me for more info if needed.  


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