5 reasons to market your home during the holidays

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Top 5 reasons to market your home during the holidays!

Home sales do tend to drop during the holidays, so if you are not motivated to sell - take your home off the market and give yourself a break from showings and open houses.  Get back into action in early Spring peak season.  It will also give you an opportunity to reevaluate the current agent if you were not too happy with their services or simply freshen your marketing plan.

However, if you are motivated to sell, there are several reasons why the holiday season is perfect -

1. Really serious buyers.  They are house hunting instead of shopping at the malls or baking and decorating their homes or making holiday plans with family.

2. Less competition, fewer homes for sale.  Many less motivated sellers take their homes off the market.  The holiday season is stressful enough and they don't want to deal with staging and open houses.

3.  Staging the home for sale.  your home shows best when it is all decked out in holiday cheer.  The outdoor lights add to the curb appeal and the warm and cozy feeling certainly sets the stage. 

4. Services more available.  Peripheral service providers like appraisers, mortgage advisers, handymen to fix minor problems, title companies and even real estate agents are all seeing some slow down.  They all have more time to devote to their clients.

5. Targeted buyers.  Investors looking to close before the end of the year for tax purposes, students and professors in University towns in between academic sessions, job relocations due to annual promotions, parents looking for minimal disruption in the school year who cannot wait until summer, military men and women near a service base ....all groups that are shopping during the holidays.